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Above the 
Ground Plane

spring 2021 | design IV | luben dimcheff

The project site is located to the west side of the Cayuga Lake Inlet, between the college and community boat houses, across from the bustling farmers market and a boat yard. 

site + precedent

concept site model

The typical pedestrian approaches from the south, and crosses a creek before reaching the site. Inspired by the lift of the bridge above the creek, this boat house emulates the ascension through elevating the ground plane.

Precedent Study: University College Boathouse (Belsize Architects)


The building lifts up to the upper level courtyard, allowing direct access to a large open area for community programming or workouts. The upper level also includes a gender neutral bathroom. The lower level is more utilitarian, with spaces for the sailboat, rowing shells, as well as two locker rooms. 


operable façade detail

A double skin façade consisting of clear glazing and semi-opaque glass louvers instills tranquility to the programs and courtyards within. Both the clear glazing and semi-opaque glass louvers are operable, and the space in between allows for circulation and passive heating. 

Morning Boathouse

Desai Wang

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