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glass cube



spring 2020 | design II | heisel, warke, berta
spatial collage study
Glass Cube

The conceptual cube study combines “slotting” and “glass” to explore different levels of transparencies.

Individual sheets of glass form modules which interact through a slotting motion and are held in place by one piece slotted through the top. The pieces are cracked intentionally to allude to the fragility of the material.

cube study
motion diagram
spatial glassworking diagram

spatial diagram exploring movement of craftsperson and temperature of glass

site plan
exploded axon of glass workshop
plans + sections
glass workshop section
glass workshop section
glass workshop section
floor plan

The final site and workshop continue the language of slotting. Like the cube, the workshop is made of layered glass and spaces emerge as walls slot in and out. The circular form is inspired by the shape of molten glass before it’s blown and shaped. The east side features a gallery space while the west is a studio for making traditional sheet glass. Two small rooms slot onto the main loop and provide the craftsperson a place to rest. 

glass workshop section

sun study

Dark and light spaces alternate as you walk through the space, with glass and the landscape slotting around you.

glass workshop interior

Desai Wang

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