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Vantage Axes:
House for Two

concrete model
fall 2020 | design III | rodolfo reis dias

Atop Fall Creek in Ithaca, NY, this project serves as a residence for two scholars and connects the Carl Sagan House to its east and an archive to its west. 

Site Analysis
site analysis
crumbled paper
paper creases

To capture the roughness and layering of the shale rocks, crumbled pieces of paper were torn to create irregular contours. 

paper topography model
abstracted lines

A grid was then extracted and overlaid onto the site.

site model

Elevation information was abstracted from the highest point in each grid cell, and then extruded to create the conceptual site model. 

The final house is derived from a similar grid and follows the slope of the site. 

plans + sections
12.7 plan top.jpg

The house centers around two axes derived from maximum fields of vision from the property corners. While the house radiates from the eastern end of the grid, the west establishes lines that divide the interior.

The steepness of the site is translated into a set of stairs, which is guided by a strong vertical wall and descends from the road into the house.

Each room has one main orientation, indicated by windows location. The roof gently slopes towards the main orientation.

Library 12.20.jpg

Desai Wang

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